Our Lakewood, Colorado Architectural Challenge: A Solar Powered, Net Zero, Multi Unit, Affordable Housing Development

Are you up to a creative challenge? Well we have one for you.

This is a 2.2 acre site zoned MRS Mixed Use – Residential – Suburban in Lakewood, Colorado. The challenge is that it includes a lake!

Your design must protect the integrity of the lake, provide the largest possible number of affordable homes, be a net zero energy building with solar energy generation (and potentially micro hydro.) It must include growing space for food plants, allow the community to make use of the Lake and be public transit friendly. Show us what else a green community needs,

Existing development

Create a design that meets both Lakewood’s zoning requirements and our green standards and win $50,000 and the right to name the development (of course with in reason.) A great opportunity for green architects or students teams to make a name for themselves and a chance to make a real difference in a city with no affordable housing.